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"The forming–storming–norming–performing model of group development was first proposed by Bruce Tuckman in 1965, who said that these phases are all necessary and inevitable in order for a team to grow, face up to challenges, tackle problems, find solutions, plan work, and deliver results." Says Wikipedia Many of us would've heard about this phenomenon in our workplaces. It tries to establish the fact that keeping a group of people together in the same team for a considerable amount of time eventually helps them perform better.  Through the many short, long, near and far relationships in my life I've come to realise that this concept is true not only at workplace but in relationships too. Read on and see if you find the correlation too. Forming as described by Mr Tuckman is the initial phase when people are positive and polite , they're excited about the possibilities ahead and looking forward to getting to know their teams members better.  Don't y

Marbled Banana Bread

Welcome.....  As you all might agree, having a newborn to care for is a full time job in itself. But being the restless soul I am, I needed to feed my soul with other things to do inorder to feel productive.  Considering the only time I get during the day to pursue such projects is the small nap times of my bubs, I am in search of things I can do in one hour stat.  So here goes ...  Banana Marble Cake Recipe courtesy: This blog has detailed steps and a beautiful steps by step recipe which worked out very well for my one hour project.  It turned out very yummy , my only note was to add more baking soda, as mine didnt work as well as I would've liked. So for the first one hour project, Happy Tummies with Yummy Banana Bread ;) 

Think...but the opposite

Thoughts are always with us. No matter what we are doing, where we are or with whom, our mind is always on the go. Sometimes right there in the moment, but most of the times far away in a different world. Although our everlasting companions, we rarely give credit to the power of thoughts. A small sad thought on a bright and sunny day can turn it into the most gloomiest for you! There might be a thousand good things happening around you, but in vain to cheer you up.  I'm Robin Sharma's bestseller book " The monk who sold his Ferrari" this concept is well written. A simple act can change our lives, but being conscious of our thoughts we can turn our life around.  Here goes  the concept of Opposition Thinking : 

Before i forget what it felt like....

I just turned 35 !! "the mighty mid life" as i see it. For someone who doesn't keep count of the year and babbles when someone asks her age, it was quiet coincidental that i counted it this year and found that i was at a milestone year. As any other human natured person, i am also wondering how to make this epic milestone and true one. and needless to say , as every other human, i haven't the smallest clue ! As i tread down that path, today i am writing to put in paper the many rekindled thoughts, feelings and passions that came with my birthday. This birthday, many of my usual circle of friends forgot about it. Whereas many who i haven't kept in touch reconnected with me. My best friends from yesterdays past, took me down, rather kicked my a** down the memory lane to remind me of who we were, who i was to them and who i am! To be frank, i never realised that i meant so much to them or that they ever missed me ! To find these girls actually looking out

Into the depths!


The Puzzle

It's like pieces in a puzzle, some are bright and beautiful while others are just there cos they need to play their role. Many times you being one of the pieces beds to be stuck with another to help form the whole picture. And if it's just one of those dull background pieces you stuck with, you'll be in awe of the rest and find yourself wishing you been on the other side of the picture. But the truth to withhold is that, even though the other side is brighter bolder and more beautiful, you still wouldn't have fit in there. It's the same in life. We sometimes want to get away from the norms we surrounded with. There are other more exciting and bolder horizons we see, places we wish we'd been, people we fall in love with, lives we'd wanna replace ours with. But think about it, there always are these small but perfect curves and edges on you that fit perfectly with those in your life. On its own they may look like a fault, but when put together with another p